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  • Name:Jennifer White
  • Hair:Brown-haired
  • Country:United states
  • City:Los angeles
  • Type:European
  • Height:5.38
  • Weight:115
  • Stats:32/27.6/36
  • Watch Jennifer White in Dark Beauty


Jennifer White is a dark haired beauty from Los Angeles. At 28 years of age she knows what she wants and knows how to get it, especially in bed! Jennifer was an administrative assistant for many years but got tired of the usual 9-5 grind. To spice up her routine, she took an exercise class where she learned to pole dance and a budding new career was started! Now Jennifer owns the stage and relishes all the attention erotic dancing brings her. Jennifer freely admits she's a work-a-holic, but she does enjoy shopping and hitting the gym on her down time. She is obsessed with doing squats daily and credits them with keeping her booty in tip top shape.

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