Gorgeous Ines strips naughtily in front of the camera.

  • Name:Ines
  • Hair:Fair
  • Country:Czech republic
  • City:Prague
  • Type:European
  • Height:5.54
  • Weight:108
  • Stats:34/24/35
  • Heiress striptease by Ines
  • Ines strips in Ready To Swing
  • Safari Darling striptease by Ines
  • Ines undressing in Cocktail Fantasy
  • Watch Ines in Early Springtime
  • Sexy Prisoner striptease by Ines


We love sexy divas with long legs and long dark hair so we had to pursue Ines and get her to dance for us. Ines loves stripping and exotic dancing. She loves the confidence and freedom getting naked on stage gives her and she can't picture doing anything else with her life, for now. Ines has a retirement plan though. She wants to own her own jewelery boutique that caters to women with a bohemian style and a flare for individuality. But for now, Ines would love nothing more than to give you a private show that gets you hot!

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  • Ines - Heiress - 1
  • Ines - Heiress - 2
  • Ines - Heiress - 3
  • Ines - Heiress - 4
  • Ines - Heiress - 5